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Hi, I'm Alex

Certified Fitness Trainer and Personal Coach

In 2010 when the Zumba phenomenon hit the UK, the pacey Latin American music made me give it a go. I haven’t looked back since and neither have my clients as one by one my classes switched to Zumba. Continuing to closely follow industry research and ‘Fitness for Health’ it was HIIT that grabbed me next. HIIT STRONG doesn’t have the Latin vibe nor the shimmies, but boy it pushes your body’s limits to the max!

Our Services

Body Max

This class is for everyone, Body Max is a fast way to burn fat while building lean muscle. Body Max will put your heart rate into a zone, that enables your body to burn fat for up to 8 hours after the class. It is a total body workout using body weight and free weights.

Boot Camp

A sequence of controlled, effective core based exercises using technique that corrects imbalances of your body posture. It incorporates slow and measured movements in order to create lean and stronger muscles around your torso. A gentle but highly effective session for improving.

Pilates 50+

A gentle but highly effective class for improving body posture, flexibility and preventing injury. Pilates can be extremely effective in correcting imbalances of your body posture by incorporating slow and measured movements in order to create lean and stronger muscles around your torso.

Customers reviews

What people say?

I’ve signed up to gym after gym in my life and after just a few weeks the motivation has gone as I go on my own… but Suzanne’s Body Step class can have you smiling all the way through yet you can feel the burn and see the results
Amanda Lee
HR Manager
I have never met such a nice group of people like the staff at Burn Fitness Studio. They go above and beyond for all of their clients. I felt welcomed from the first day I walked through the door. I came to Burn Fitness at 212 pounds. My short term goal was to lose 12 pounds, I lost that in my first 4 weeks at Burn Fitness.
Adam Cheise
Head Of Sales , Intel

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